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November 21st, 2012 No Comments

John Barbara

I am John Barbara, I created this e-cig blog with a goal to reach out to present and former tobacco smokers and guide them to a healthier alternative and making the transition from tobacco to electronic smoking as smooth as possible with all the information that they need right here at their disposal.

The pages of this blog carry information that will provide info for all kinds of vapers – beginners, intermediate and advanced vapers. This will provide all details that are necessary at every level of vaping experience to help vapers across the globe.

I have always believed that people who have experience in what they do can have a say on things that are put forward to them. Hence, I welcome any suggestions, recommendations, and posts from fellow vapers who understand vaping in their own way.

You can send your contributions to admin@smokersstopshop.co.uk and you are assured of an early response from my side.

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