An Insight Into Vaping Dehydration

An electronic cigarette user will agree how much he/she feels dehydrated when they are vaping. This is one common thing that all vapers undergo no matter the type of liquid that they use for the same. It is important to ensure that one is hydrated well enough to avoid this scenario. If vapers neglect to stay hydrated while vaping, over time they can face some serious health issues.

Dehydration and Propylene Glycol
Vapers who use propylene glycol in their e-liquids are bound to be dehydrated more than the ones that use vegetable glycerine. The reason is its molecular bonding. Propylene glycol has the tendency to bond quick and fast to water molecules which means that while taking in a vapour the ingredients act quickly with the saliva in the mouth thereby consuming the water in them leaving the mouth high and dry.

It also draws out water from the surrounding tissues inside the mouth, throat and nose thereby dehydrating the vaper. At times this also has the capacity to dehydrate the areas that surround the skin of the mouth. For those that are vaping long enough and have their devices enabled with vaping mods with propylene glycol will be able to feel the effects of dehydration. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, other contributing factors to dehydration while vaping include humidity, activity levels and temperature.

Know when you are dehydrated
Though many are aware the symptoms of dehydration, some may not be aware of the symptoms that indicate that you are dehydrated. Knowing about these will help in ensuring that you stay hydrated to avoid any health complications that can arise out of it. Here is a rundown on the most popular symptoms that are experienced by vapours that will hint that they are dehydrated.
· Dry Mouth – Dry mouth can happen relatively quickly than any other symptoms as more often than not vapers experience this as soon as they start vaping the propylene glycol vapour. Symptoms include less saliva in the mouth and the tongue sticking onto the mouth roof. Intake of water immediately can help resolve this issue.
· Fatigue – fatigue is a common symptom that is associated with dehydration. This comes a little later after the vaping uk. In addition to fatigue vapers also feel lethargic at times. If you are feeling tired in times where you normally wouldn’t, it is indication that you are dehydrated.
· Concentrated Urine – yellow to dark yellow urine indicates that your system is running short of water. This is the most visible form of dehydration. The darker the colour of yellow, the more you are dehydrated, if it is light brown in colour it means that you need to take special attention on getting yourself hydrated immediately.

Stay Hydrated
The best thing to do if you are dehydrated is to consume more water as part of your routine. Ensure that you measure up eight litres of water every day and consume it no matter how better you feel. Also it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages when you are fighting dehydration as it can only make matters worse for you.

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