An Introduction To E Cigars

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The introduction of E cigars was done much after the introduction of the electronic cigarettes and hence this product is comparatively new to many. One of the main advantages that we all know about electronics cigarettes is that there is not smoke nor smell. The same applies to E Cigars as well. Since the E Cigars come in a number of different sizes and appearances, these E cigars can easily be used in any place that does not encourage the use of actual tobacco cigars. The introduction of electronic cigarettes uk and e cigars has surely brought down the consumption of the traditional cigars due to this fact.

When I was first introduced to electronic cigar, I could not take my eyes off the packing and the wrapping that they come in just like the traditional cigars. This is done by manufacturers to give you a feeling like you are using the traditional cigars. The weight and paper coverings are all well thought of and executed to make a cigar addict to think that he is still smoking his tobacco cigar. People in the surrounding would often mistake it to be a normal cigar until and unless they realize that there are no fumes in it.

Disposable electronic cigars are available in plenty in the market and can last for quite a lot of puffs. The LED tip that can light up when you are inhaling the vapors would make it look like you are using the real ones. One main reason why many people are trying to use this electronic cigar is that it is much safer than the actual ones and does not cause any discomfort to the people surrounding you. Gone are the days when you can just pull out a cigar and smoke in an evening party. Most of the public places are now banned from smoking due to the effects that smoking can cause to other people than the harm it does to the person who is smoking.

The real comparison between the e cigars and actual cigars come in only when you are able to do the vapour and flavour tests. When you smoke a real cigar you can feel the taste and the flavour in out throat. A similar thing throat hit can be experience in e cigars sans the smoke and smell. In order to give you a similar feeling in e cigars, it comes in a lot of flavour options that you can choose from. The only difference is that only you will be able the feel the flavour and not be spreading it wherever you go. Since the actual flavour of the tobacco cigar can also be replicated in electronic cigar, many people prefer to use this type.

The disposable e cigars are much cheaper than the other types as these can be used only up to a certain number of times till the battery gets worn out. You will need good quality components to make sure that you can get an almost similar feeling to that of a real cigar.

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